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        Lounge Lovers Online store

        Loved my chairs! Soo quick and easy!


        Amazing value, ordered my chairs on a Sunday and received them the next day by 9am. Amazing customers service and my chairs are lovely and they were also very cheap!

        Emese Taylor

        Emese TaylorGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

        Sleeping Duck Mattress Half-Half King

        Had it for a year now and it’s everything we hoped for.


        Ok so I’ve held off giving this review as I wanted to see if sleeping duck lived up to its claims. We’ve had our king mattress for 12 months now and couldn’t be happier with what we got. We decided to buy another queen one for the spare room too. For years I’ve been bitterly disappointed with the mattresses from retail shops. We usually spent between $1500-$2000 ( so not cheap) every few years and each time was bitterly disappointed that the mattress we received never felt anywhere near as good as the one we tested in store and always found it sagged and dipped very quickly and required frequent rotating etc. within months we’d be buying toppers to make the mattresses passable. Finally I’ve found a mattress that was comfortable from day 1 and has not shown any dipping or sagging after 12 months even without rotating. The option for 50/50 firm soft split is genius and has solved the always running battle with my wife who likes it firm. At first she thought it was too soft but after 1 night agreed it was soft on top but still retaining all the support and benefits of a firm mattress. Neither of us really care what side we sleep on now as they’re both soft and supportive. I have an average lower back and it’s certainly helped with that. I don’t wake up feeling sore like I used too. Not that we needed it but the service was great and they reached out to make sure we were happy with the mattresses. I’m just so glad I finally found a mattress that will stand the test of time and I don’t need to continue playing mattress roulette every couple of years. Thankyou sleeping duck team. Ps to the management team please don’t be tempted to reduce the quality of your product in the future to cut costs like so many other brands do as they mature. This is a great quality product and you’ll have me and my family as a long term customers as along as the quality is there.

        Andrew P.

        Andrew P.

        Tangerine Telecom NBN 50 (XL Speed Boost)

        Early days but very happy so far


        So far we have had no issues with the connection. The 5ghz wifi can easily play 4k content perfectly on my tv. Customer service was fantastic throughout installation and setup.

        Jack M.

        Jack M.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA


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